Rob Musci, 2015 Fulbright Award

Rob Musci

25% Italian with a 100% Italian surname, Rob has been fascinated by Italy for as long as he can remember. Intent with becoming a doctor, Rob attended Wake Forest University. While there, he enrolled in Dr. Pete Brubaker's Human Physiology course and became interested in the physiology and health of people.

Working for Dr. Brubaker, he studied abroad and researched the impact of urban environment on student physical activity in Venice, Italy a city known for romance and its absence of automotive transport in a country known for its pasta.

Following his graduation from Wake Forest, Rob returned to Venice for six months to work with Dr. Tony Marsh on an intervention designed to improve mobility in older adults and became very interested in the aging process—a project that served as the basis for his Fulbright grant.

Rob returned to the United States and in the fall of 2013, enrolled in MS in Health and Exercise Sciences at Colorado State University. At CSU, Rob works with Drs. Karyn Hamilton and Ben Miller in the Translational Research on Aging and Chronic Disease Laboratory. The lab is focused on the aging process and the underlying physiology that promote aging as a means of extending the health span of people.

To marry his love of pasta and physiology, Rob will use his Fulbright grant to return to Venice and study the impact of urban environment on physical activity and disability in older adults . His project will involve studying whether urban environment has an effect on population-wide physical activity and disability in older Venetian adults.