Ben Fixman, 2017 Goldwater Honorable Mention

Ben is currently a Sophomore Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience student at Colorado State University. During his undergraduate studies, he has conducted research on Alzheimer's disease in the lab of Professor Emeritus, Dr. James Bamburg. His two-year tenure in the laboratory has resulted in the novel development of a hippocampal slice culture and imaging method.

He plans to continue his neuroscience research throughout his undergraduate career and eventually complete an MD/PhD program. After receiving his degrees, he plans to work as a physician researcher, treating brain cancer patients and working in the lab to better understand the behavior of brain tumors.

Ben's motivation to work with brain cancer patients grew after he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in the fall of 2016. Since tumor removal, Ben has been enjoying a healthy life.

He loves to run, ski, play guitar, and spend time with family and friends. His favorite meal is strawberry banana pancakes, he is excited to catch up on sleep, and if you asked his roommates to describe him they would grumble about how he forgets to turn off the lights.