Kate Bates, 2017 Goldwater Honorable Mention

Kate Bates is a junior studying zoology. She conducts research in Dr. Carol Seger's Cognitive Neuroscience lab, Dr. Kim Hoke's Evolutionary Biology lab, is a TA for Animal Anatomy at CSU, and is lead tutor for chemistry at The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT).

She also fixes behavioral problems in un-adoptable dogs at Larimer Humane Society so they can find their forever homes, in addition to training volunteers on how to modify behaviors in dogs and cats.

While still in high school she conducted research in a behavioral neuroscience lab at University of Alaska, Fairbanks under Dr. Abel Bult-Ito. This research was presented and won first place in the Alaska State High School Science Symposium, and was the Alaska delegate to the national competition. This was how she realized she wanted to research neuroscience.

Kate plans to apply to a neuroscience PhD program after she graduates. She wants to conduct research on the underlying mechanisms of learning, especially operant conditioning, across many taxa. She hopes to go into academia to fulfill her passion for teaching as well. She hopes to inspire her fiance's younger sisters and her own sister to attend college and consider science as a career.