Casey Lee wins 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Mitchell Bordelon

Casey Lee (Graduate Degree Program in Ecology) is interested in the effects of habitat fragmentation, land use, and noise on wildlife behavior. Here at CSU, she works with the Sound and Light Ecology Team and the Angeloni, Wittemyer, and Crooks labs to understand the impacts of noise on black-tailed prairie dogs.

Ultimately, she'd like to help integrate behavioral and acoustic ecology into the conservation efforts to construct landscape linkages across North America. She's also interested in science education and the perceptions and politics of science.

Casey's fascination with sound extends beyond research. After graduating from Oberlin College (Majors: Biology, Environmental Studies; Minors: Religion; Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies) and returning to Michigan in 2012, she spent five years outside of academia battling her nefarious alter ego, a classically-trained fiddle player who flirts with mandolin, guitar, and old-timey sensibilities.

During this time, she toured the Midwest playing music in a van called Bernadette and worked between gigs as a cook, audio engineer, stable hand, and tavern wench.