Katy McIntyre wins 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Mitchell Bordelon

Katy McIntyre received her Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry with minors in Molecular Biology and Business Administration, from Colorado State University.

During her undergraduate career, she worked in Dr. Cris Argueso's laboratory in the Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management (BSPM), in the College of Agricultural Sciences, researching Molecular Plant Pathology.

After graduation she worked as research associate in Dr. Todd Gaines laboratory, also in BSPM, working with herbicide resistance.

Katy is now a PhD student in the Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) program where she continues to work with Dr. Argueso. For her PhD project, Katy studies the mechanistic role of plant hormones in plant defense against necrotrophic and biotrophic pathogens

She is also an active member of the CMB Student Association, as well as a member of the Graduate Student Liaison Committee of the BSPM department.

After receiving her PhD, Katy hopes to have a role in either science education and outreach to the non-science community or have an influential role in science policy pertaining to the importance of agriculture in creating a sustainable future.