Sydney Spiegel, 2019 Critical Language Scholar

Sydney Spiegel is a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in Chinese language. After working in numerous fields ranging from carpentry to emergency medicine he decided his true passions involved creating machines and collaborating with people from around the world.

Before attending college, he traveled and lived in Europe, Africa, South and Central America. While abroad he realized that being able to speak foreign languages was critical to understanding and working with cultures outside the U.S.

As a non-traditional transfer student, he is excited and eager to pursue all the opportunities available to him. Of those opportunities, choosing to study Mandarin was an easy choice because it would allow him to communicate with the most people and be involved in the cutting edge of technology.

After graduation, Sydney plans to further his language skills with the assistance of a Fulbright Scholarship, or go directly into the workforce within an international engineering company. He aspires to work within the global community to solve complicated problems by improving communication between international teams.