Mentored Research and Artistry Program


The Mentored Research and Artistry Program is designed to enhance and recognize the learning experiences of undergraduates who are engaged in research, artistry, or other forms of creative work.

The experience allows students to distinguish themselves as undergraduate scholars in their disciplines. The opportunity is open to all undergraduate students in good academic standing who have had at least two full semesters in a mentored research experience.

The criteria for completion are rigorous, ensuring that only the most dedicated students receive the distinction of Mentored Research and Artistry Program on their transcript.

Students earn the right to wear the Mentored Research and Artistry Program's Silver Ribbon with their graduation regalia and of listing this distinction among their academic achievements.

Who Can Apply:

Any current undergraduate student in good academic standing with Colorado State University.

Please scheduling a one-on-one meeting with the program coordinator to get more information and apply for the Mentored Research and Artistry Program.

Note: Current CSU students have one full academic year from date of graduation to provide proof that the requirements were completed. All requirements must be completed as an undergraduate student.


  1. Inquiry projects must be conducted under the guidance of a faculty, staff, or industry mentor for a minimum duration of two semesters. Upon completion of a project, participants must submit a final report including a summary of the projects, its outcomes, and a detailed reflection of the experience along with a letter from the mentor.

  2. Attend a one-time Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training and receive certification.

  3. Be an active participant in a student organization related to their discipline and approved by the Office for Undergraduate Research & Artistry. Students will be required to submit a letter from the organization's Faculty/Graduate Advisor verifying the student’s active involvement for at least two semesters.

  4. Students must complete a research methods course with a grade of C or higher. The course must be approved by the Office for Undergraduate Research & Artistry (OURA).

  5. Inquiry projects must be presented at the University's annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research & Creativity (CURC) Showcase or another venue approved by the Office for Undergraduate Research & Artistry (OURA), such as a regional or national conference. A program highlighting the participant’s project or a letter of verification from the faculty mentor must be included with the final report.

  6. Projects must be submitted for publication in the University's Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence (JUR) or in another peer-reviewed journal, approved by the Office for Undergraduate Research & Artistry (OURA). A copy of the published manuscript or correspondence from an editor of the journal to which a manuscript has been submitted indicating the manuscript is under review should be included with the participant's final report.