Certificate Program Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the program? What is the first step?

You can enroll in the certification program at any time and the program typically takes one year to complete. To enroll in the program, complete the Online Enrollment Form. Once TILT receives your form, a member of TILT will contact you to set up a meeting with a TILT Adviser who will answer any questions you might have and help get you started in the program.

What are the requirements for earning a teaching certificate through TILT?

Once you have enrolled and attended an advisory meeting, you should begin to assemble the following materials:

  • 12 teaching pedagogy Workshop/Seminar Review forms
  • Verification (Experiential Learning form) that you have completed 20 hours of post-secondary teaching and or tutoring
  • Compiling the needed materials to Submit for your Portfolio

Are there prerequisites for participating in the program?

You must be a graduate student enrolled at CSU or working in a staff position at the University (e.g., a post-doc or researcher) to participate in the teaching certificate program. Graduate students, GTA'S, GRA's and Post-Doctoral students are all welcome!

Who grants the certificate?

TILT grants the certificate of completion under the direction of the Graduate Teaching Certificate Review Board. The Board reviews and approves all Portfolios.

What does the certificate certify me to do?

Completing the certification program prepares you to teach at a post-secondary level. The certificate indicates that you have completed the program, but it is not a license, and it does not grant any specific teaching privileges or licensure. The value of the certificate is in completing the program and gaining the skills needed to perform well in a post-secondary teaching setting.

Note:The certificate does not grant any privileges or indicate any degree status that is associated with a professional license. Preparation for teaching K-12 students is different from any preparation offered in this certificate program. This program is focused exclusively on teaching post-secondary students.

Is this certification required to get a post-secondary teaching position?

No, but completion of the program does prepare you to teach at the post-secondary level, and can provide you with some advantage when you apply for post-secondary teaching positions.

Where can I find workshops to fulfill the workshop requirement?

Can I attend teaching workshops outside of the University?

Yes, a workshop that emphasizes teaching and or teaching in your interest area would be accepted. If you attend a professional conference with an emphasis on post-secondary teaching and/or teaching theory, and if you provide a summary or summaries along with documentation of your attendance, you may count these towards your workshop requirements as well.

How do I fulfill the teaching requirement for certification?

If you are a GTA, you can count your current teaching experience towards the teaching requirement for certification. The teaching requirement can also be met in any tutoring situation that serves post-secondary students as long as it is done in a structured, supervised environment (please contact TILT for more information). Several departments on campus have tutoring centers, and you can fulfill your teaching requirements by working in one of these centers.

Does Jr. High and High School tutoring or teaching experience count?

No. The emphasis of this program is post-secondary teaching. Working with elementary, Jr. High, and High School students does not apply.

What is a Teaching Portfolio?

The primary record of your work on the Certificate will be presented in an ePortfolio (electronic Portfolio), which you will publish on TILT's Web site. Your ePortfolio will reflect your beliefs about teaching, the theoretical perspectives that ground your beliefs, and your teaching goals, as well as the pedagogical practices that you would implement to accomplish your goals. Usually in the Fall and in the Spring TILT hosts a workshops on creating an ePortfolio. Visit our Calendar of Events for the most up-to-date listing of TILT's workshops.

What is a Statement of Teaching Philosophy?

A Statement of Teaching Philosophy is a statement of your beliefs about teaching. You will address how the students you want to serve shape your beliefs and your direction. Your statement will provide information about how you teach and how you work to accomplish both long and short-term teaching goals. While your statement will explicate your process as a teacher, the information is best presented with a student-centered focus.