Graduate Teaching Certificate Mentoring Track


Undergraduate Research Mentoring is one of the available options for earning a Graduate Teaching Certificate. Below are the steps you must take, and the method by which your progress will be tracked, should you choose this path.

Review the Graduate Teaching Certificate Requirements


You must submit an online Graduate Teaching Certificate Program Enrollment Form. Once accepted, you must complete the same program components required of all other graduate students pursuing a Certificate in College Teaching.

Register using the Online Enrollment Form


You must attend 12 pedagogical workshops and complete a Workshop/Seminar Review Form for each to be included in your online Graduate Teaching ePortfolio.

Download the Workshop/Seminar Review Form


You must devise an Undergraduate Mentoring Plan and submit it for approval to the Director of the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry (OURA). Note: See upper right-hand corner for Contact Info.

Download the Undergraduate Mentoring Plan Form


Upon completion of the undergraduate research project, you will provide the student you have been mentoring with an electronic copy of the Graduate Mentor Evaluation Form. Have them complete the form and email it to the OURA Director.

Download the Graduate Mentor Evaluation Form


Graduate Student Mentors will be required to submit a completed ePortfolio per the standard requirements, including your Undergraduate Mentoring Plan.

Download/View the Graduate Teaching Certificate Checklist


The OURA Director will complete and submit your Experiential Learning Form. This will verify the completion of the mentoring alternative, replacing the required 20-hour teaching component of the Certificate in College Teaching.

Download the Experiential Learning Form.