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My ePortfolio consists of the following:

Reflection Essay: This section acts as a guide to my ePortfolio by displaying my main teaching focus and the most important issues they reflect.  The essay includes my pedagogical perspectives, what I have learned throughout my teaching experiences,  and the wisdom I've acquired through the process of crafting this ePortfolio. 
Teaching Philosophy for Teaching Introductory Agricultural and Resource Economics: In this narrative, I focus on what my objectives are as an instructor and my conception of teaching and learning.  This helps me to assess/examine myself and to articulate the goals I wish to accomplish in teaching.  Having a clear vision of my philosophy helps me stay focused on my pedagogical ambitions.
Curricular Development Materials:  Here, you will find a sample course syllabus, course policies, and lesson plans.  The syllabus contains course objectives, methods, and communicates what I want students to get out of the course.  Course policies include my outlook on respect, academic integrity, and test management.
Sample Assignments and Evaluation Strategies: This portion is geared towards the representation of my teaching philosophy within examples of concrete agricultural and resource economics at the introductory level assignments and their criteria for evaluation.  The assignments are comprised of the learning objectives, information for assignment completion, and the requirements for task success.  Also included is my method of performance evaluation, or assessment of how well the student should be to succeed in the course.
Reflective Documents: Comprising this segment are my own personal reviews on six pedagogical workshops and my main resources to teach introductory agricultural and resource economics.  Both the workshops and the resources described in the bibliography have aided my search for more productive teaching methods. 
Extra Materials:  Sample lesson plan of a 542 AREC course: water economics and my curriculum vitae showing my main interests as a professional economist and instructor.
I hope the material you find in this ePortfolio serves you in some way.
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~Paulo Roberto Borges de Brito