Request a Final Review of Your Teaching Portfolio


To request a review of your Teaching Portfolio, please visit TILT Teaching Portfolios, click the "Work on a Portfolio" link (on the right side of the page), and request a review of your work.

For the purposes of the review, you should create a page in the ePortfolio that includes materials supporting your completion of the Graduate Teaching Certificate Program.

Post-Secondary Teaching Coursework

One course in post-secondary teaching theory and practice. Please identify the course name and number, the semester in which you took the course, the name of the course instructor, and the grade you received in the course.

Pedagogical Workshops

Attend at least six pedagogical workshops and write Workshop Reviews for each. Please insert the text of your responses on the page or attach files containing your respones. You should identify the name and date of each workshop.

Download the Workshop/Seminar Review Form.

Teaching Experience

Participate in at least twenty hours of teaching, tutoring, or a teaching internship. Please attach or insert a completed Experiential Learning Form identifying the dates of the teaching or tutoring experience, the course, number of class(es) taught, and or location of tutoring, and your supervising teacher or director. Provide a brief description of your teaching or tutoring responsibilities.

Download the Experiential Learning Form

Other Documents

Your ePortfolio must include your reflection essay, teaching philosophy, a sample syllabus, course materials, course policies, 2-3 lesson plans, sample assignments, strategies for evaluation of student learning, workshop review forms, reflective documents, and faculty and/or student evaluations. Please refer to the Certificate Check List when compiling these docunments.

Download the Certificate Check List