GT Certificate Program Testimonials

Ben Wheatley

"I am certain the teaching certificate program and my experiences as an educator at CSU have prepared me for the next phase of my professional career. I am also certain that I am not "ready", nor will I ever be, to be a perfect educator. I have developed a set of pedagogical tools, which I can use, further develop, and build upon throughout my career as a professor. My toolbox is quite large, and I have thus far utilized only a small portion. What I mean by this is that I can only hope to continue to learn as I teach, with the goal of continuing to expand the size of my toolbox, and the equipment within. I am grateful for the resources, the passionate faculty and staff, and the opportunities I have had at TILT and CSU, and I find it difficult to envision a more effective program for young educators. I suspect it is evident that I am a supporter of the teaching certificate program, and I hope it continues to grow and expand. Without it, I am sure my experiences, and thus my future, would not be the same."

Dr. Ben Wheatley
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (May 2017)
Colorado State University


"I realized recently -- when I was discussing my teaching portfolio with another graduate student -- that I hadn't updated you on my job search. Out of over 50 job applications, largely for teaching-centered positions (in pretty much all of these, I referenced my teaching portfolio in my cover letter and included the TILT certificate on my CV), I had about 18 phone interviews or invitations for on-campus interviews - and ended up taking 4 on-campus interviews before securing a wonderful offer sooner than I expected! I'm incredibly excited to be landing somewhere where the central focus of my job will be teaching, with excellent students and colleagues who seem to love working there.

Thanks for your work on the portfolio and TILT certificate program—it's definitely made a difference in the way I think about and organize my teaching. Interestingly, on a visit to the school where I'll be working, I met with one of the faculty to discuss the tenure process and, in particular, the portfolio of materials they must submit for their tenure review. At this teaching-centered college, that portfolio strongly resembled the sorts of things that are asked for in the TILT teaching portfolio (although the tenure portfolio will be much more extensive). So the process seems to be a good early preparation for that future step as well."

Thanks again!

Brandy Burgess

Thanks very much! I cannot tell you how much working on this certificate during my PhD has helped me not only in my first year of teaching, but also in securing my current position.

Dr. Brandy Burgess
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Infection Control
Virginia Tech

Sam Hagopian

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity from TILT. Each aspect of the teaching certificate program shaped and molded my pedagogy into what it is today. This was an opportunity that I was extremely happy to take full advantage of. It allowed me access to talks, seminars, discussions, and ideas I otherwise may not have been privy to.

The experience allowed me to hone my expertise in my field of knowledge, as well as how to effectively communicate it to all students using new and innovative methods. It gave me insight into sides of teaching I had never seen, which in turn expanded my love for teaching. The TILT Graduate Teaching Certificate Program was one of the most influential aspects of my graduate studies career.

In a one sentence summary, the GTC Program allowed me to learn things about myself that I never knew (and would not have had access to in my standard graduate program), and grow as a human being from these experiences.

Sam Hagopian
M.S. Horticulture (May 2016)
Colorado State University