Let's Talk Teaching Services for Instructors

In addition to one-on-one mentoring, the Let's Talk Teaching Program offers two professional development services to assist you with your teaching: the Mid-Semester Feedback program by Dr. Bill Timpson and observation and videotaping of your course by Dr. Frank Vattano. If you are interested in either of these services, please contact Deborah Colbert, TILT Director of Professional Development, at 970 491-4820 or Debora.Colbert@colostate.edu.

Classroom Video Recording and Feedback

Dr. Frank Vattano, Emeritus Professor (Psychology), University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Frank Vattano is the founder of "Let's Talk Teaching" and has a long track record of faculty mentoring at Colorado State University. Dr. Vattano is available to observe and, if desired, record your classroom teaching, and consult with you on your teaching strategies.

Mid-Semester Student Feedback

William M. Timpson, Professor, School of Education

A limited number of mid-semester feedback sessions are available for Let's Talk Teaching mentors and mentees. This program offers an opportunity for instructors to engage students in a constructive discussion of course strengths, concerns and possible improvements while there is still time to consider changes. In addition, instructors can receive feedback from a peer observer. Research indicates that the benefits here can be enhanced if the facilitator is someone who has some understanding of postsecondary instructional effectiveness, improvement and innovation.

Perhaps as important, instructors challenge students to think more deeply about their own learning as well as their responsibilities for success in a particular course. It also provides opportunities for multiple sources of information on teaching as per the faculty/staff manual. Participants in the program will receive mid-semester feedback results, a consultation session with Dr. Timpson, and a letter for your files.