The Provost's N. Preston Davis Award for Instructional Innovation


This award recognizes technology-related instructional innovation or the significant encouragement of such innovation. It is named for N. Preston Davis, who retired in 1992 after serving the Colorado State University community for more than four decades. His many contributions focused on the creative use of technology to advance the teaching and learning goals of the institution.

Award Presentation

Individual awards consist of a plaque and $1,000 cash presented during the annual Celebrate Colorado State; Unit awards consist of a plaque honoring the unit.

Selection Process

The award is presented to up to two faculty members annually. A third award may be granted to a unit within the University for a submission that the committee deems exemplary.

Award Categories

1) Successful application of technology to enhance learning and teaching, and

2) Successful application of the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)*

* Learn more about UDL in our Award Categories Section

Work submitted for consideration in either category may be at any instructional level, including credit/non-credit and resident/off-campus instruction. Nominations should include the following:

Aaron Sholders - Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - 2015-16 Winner

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by any member of the faculty or staff and are due by 4 pm, February 1: Each nomination to be no more than three single-spaced pages, using 11 point font, two one-page letters of support, and examples of ancillary materials.

Note: Information beyond these parameters will not be shared with the selection committee.