2018: 39th Annual Professional Development Institute (PDI)

January 8th, 9th, and 10th

The beginning of the year presents an opportunity to take a few leaps beyond our comfort zone. It can be a reflective time to focus on what direction we want to be heading—both personally and professionally—as well as a time to explore other topics that we might like to know more about but for which we have not made the time.

Leap into the New Year

silhouette of person leaping from one cliff side to another at sunset. A flock of birds fly in the background

Take a Leap!

Join us for the 39th PDI at CSU. This year's sessions offer opportunities to hone old skills and learn new ones, listen to new ideas, as well as time to focus on fun topics that you're interested in or have a passion to learn more about.

PDI offers CSU faculty members, state classified personnel, administrative professionals, and graduate students an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics designed to enhance their professional growth and personal enrichment.

Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to share ideas, explore issues, and gain insights into learning, teaching, and service, as well as other professional and personal activities.


Training and Organizational Development (TOD) is pleased to collaborate with the Professional Development Institute this year and provide the four Foundation courses for the Supervisor Development Program.

The Foundation classes include:

These classes are offered throughout the year by TOD, and you can "leap" into the new year by taking all four classes in a three-day period. Get a jump start on your professional development as a supervisor for 2018.

2018 Call For Proposals is Now Closed

Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be completed by late November.

2018 PDI Registration is Now Open

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