Professional Development

I'm Ready to Get Started!

  • Attend goal-setting workshop – get acquainted with the TEF and TILT’s recommended process for developing teaching effectiveness
  • Participate in BPiT: Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Goal setting workshop to focus growth efforts. 
  • Participate in BPiT courses that align with your growth domain of the TEF
  • Attend TILT workshops, conferences, etc…that align with your growth domain
  • Attend goal-setting workshop
  • Attend Goal Setting workshop
  • Attend Collecting Evidence workshop
  • Align goal domain with PD offered through TILT and/or other PD opportunities
  • Participate in BPiT: Inclusive Pedagogy course
  • Participate in one of the following BPiT courses: Rethinking the Syllabus, Classroom Climate, First Four Weeks, Critical Thinking
  • Review the P&T application
  • Attend Collecting Evidence workshop
Michael Humphrey, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Communication in the College of Liberal Arts with students in class