Service-Learning Courses

The following CSU courses have historically offered experiential, service-learning components. Please contact the instructor directly to find out if the current course includes service-learning activities.

College of Agricultural Science
LAND 240 Fundamentals of Landscape Design Process Spring
LAND 495B Independent Study-Field Service All Terms
College of Applied Human Sciences
AHS 201 Topics in Gerontology Fall
AM 341 Computer-Aided Apparel Production Spring
AM 479 Merchandising Policies and Strategies Fall, Spring
EDUC 275 Schooling in the US All Terms
EDUC 340 Literacy and the Learner All Terms
EDUC 350 Instruction I-Individualization/Mgmnt All Terms
EDUC 386 Practicum-Instruction I All Terms
EDUC 425 Early Childhood Education I Fall, Spring
EDUC 426 Early Childhood Education II Fall, Spring
EDUC 450 Instruction II-Standards & Assessment Fall, Spring
EDUC 466 Methods & Assessment in K-12 Art Education Fall, Spring
EDUC 485A,B,C Student Teaching (Elementary, Secondary, Early Childhood) Fall, Spring
EDUC 486J Practicum-Instruction II All Terms
FSHN 150 Survey of Human Nutrition All Terms
FSHN 451 Community Nutrition Fall
FSHN 496C Group Study – Nutrition and Chronic Disease All Terms
FSHN 496I Group Study – Special Topics All Terms
FSHN 620 Community Nutrition Planning and Evaluation Spring
FSHN 686B Practicum-Nutrition All Terms
FSHN 686C Practicum-Food Services All Terms
HDFS 312 Adult Development-Middle Age and Aging All Terms
HDFS 492 Seminar-Program Proposal Development All Terms
HDFS 495B/695B Independent Study-Family Studies All Terms
HDFS 497 Campus Corps Fall, Spring
HDFS 592 Grant Writing-Human Services and Research Fall, Spring
HDFS 600B Advanced Studies-Grief and Loss All Terms
HDFS 600D Advanced Study-Program Planning and Evaluation All Terms
HES 386A Practicum-Adult Fitness All Terms
HES 386B Practicum-Wellness Program Mgmt All Terms
HES 486BV Practicum-Wellness Program Mgmt All Terms
HES 486CV Practicum-Coaching All Terms
HES 487 V Internship All Terms
HES 492 Health and Exercise Science Seminar Fall, Spring
HES 686AV Practicum-Adult Fitness HPCRL All Terms
INTD 400 Interior Design Research Proposal Fall
INTD 476 Interior Design Project Spring
IU 193 Freshman Seminar All Terms
MC 571 Facility Planning and Management Spring
OT 606 Occupation and the Individual Fall
OT 608 Occupational Therapy Process Fall
OT 623 Biomechanical Intervention Laboratory I Fall
OT 632/633 Neurobehavioral Interventions I/Laboratory Fall
OT 634/635 Neurobehavioral Interventions II/Laboratory Spring
OT 650 Research Methods I Fall
OT 686A OT Fieldwork-Level I All Terms
OT 686B OT Fieldwork Seminar All Terms
OT 688V Field Placement-Specialty-Technology All Terms
RRM 492 Seminar-Restaurant and Resort Management Fall, Spring
SOWK 110 Contemporary Social Welfare All Terms
SOWK 286A Practicum – Communication Skills Fall, Spring
SOWK 286B Practicum – Applied Helping Skills Fall, Spring
SOWK 342 Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities Fall, Spring
SOWK 488V Field Placement All Terms
SOWK 495/695 Service-Learning Independent Study All Terms
SOWK 588V Field Placement Spring
SOWK 602A-B Macro-Level Practice Research Fall, Spring
SOWK 603A-B Direct Service Assessment and Evaluation Fall, Spring
SOWK 610 Theoretical Analysis of Large Client Systems Spring
SOWK 611 Generalist Practice of Large Client Systems Spring
SOWK 630A Advanced Generalist Practice: Individuals Fall
SOWK 630B Advanced Generalist Practice: Families Spring
SOWK 630 C Advanced Generalist Practice: Groups Fall
SOWK 631 Advanced Community Practice Fall
SOWK 632 Advanced Organizational Practice Spring
SOWK 633 Advanced Social Welfare Policy Analysis Spring
SOWK 688V Field Placement All Terms
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
ERHS 220 Environmental Health Fall, Spring
ERHS 320 Environmental Health Water Quality Fall
ERHS 498 Independent Study - Improved Cookstove Intervention for Nicaraguan Families All Terms
MIP 400 Capstone in Microbiology Fall, Spring
MIP 300 General Microbiology All Terms
College of Business
ACT 350 Accounting Information Systems Fall, Spring
MKT 410 Marketing Research Fall, Spring
MKT 479 Marketing Strategy and Management Fall, Spring
College of Liberal Arts
ANTH 412 Indians of North America Even Falls
ANTH 413 Indigenous Peoples Today Fall
ANTH 414 Development in Indian Country Odd Falls
ANTH 442 Ethnographic Field School Summer
ANTH 443 Ethnographic Field Preparation Spring
ANTH 643 Advanced Ethnographic Field Preparation Spring
ART 208 Native American Art and Material Culture Spring
ART 325 Concepts in Art Education Spring
ART 355 Typography and Design Systems Fall
ART 356 Illustration Spring
ART 455 Advanced Typography and Design Systems Fall
ART 456 Advanced Illustration Spring
E 322 English Language for Teachers I Fall
E 323 English Langauge for Teachers II Spring
E 406 Topics in Literacy Fall, Spring
E 465 Topics in Literature and Language Fall, Spring
ETST 205 Ethnicity and the Media Fall
ETST 365 Global Environmental Justice Movements Fall, Spring
IU 193 Freshman Seminar All Terms
JTC 350 Public Relations Fall, Spring
JTC 450 Public Relations Cases Fall, Spring
JTC 487 Internship All Terms
JTC 496 Group Study All Terms
LSPA 313 Intro to Spanish Translation and Interpreting Fall, Spring
LSPA 379 Service Learning-Spanish All Terms
LSPA 400 Advanced Spanish Communication Skills Fall
LSPA 413 Advanced Spanish Translation and Interpreting Fall, Spring
LSPA 479 Service Learning-Spanish All Terms
MU 440 Music Therapy Methods I Spring
MU 443 Music Therapy Methods II Spring
MU 444 Music Therapy Methods III Spring
MU 486A Music Therapy Practicum Fall, Spring
PHIL 103 Moral and Social Problems All Terms
SOC 105 Social Problems All Terms
SOC 331 Community Dynamics & Development Fall
SOC 403 Capstone Seminar Fall, Spring
SPCM 200 Public Speaking All Terms
College of Natural Resources
NR 400 Public Relations in Natural Resources All Terms
NR 501 Leadership and Public Communications All Terms
NRRT 262 Principles of Environmental Communication Spring
NRRT 320 International Issues-Recreation & Tourism Fall, Spring
NRRT 331 Management of Parks and Protected Areas Spring
NRRT 376 Recreation Measurement Fall, Spring
NRRT 431 Parks and Protected Area Management Spring
NRRT 439 Open Space & Natural Area Mgmt Spring
College of Natural Sciences
PH 122 General Physics II Fall, Spring
PSY 260 Child Psychology All Terms
Academic Provost
IU 175 Public Problem Solving-Service Learning Fall
IU 280 Public Scholarship & Social Change in a Global Context Fall
IU 281A1 Academic and Career-Decision Making Fall
KEY 192 Key Academic Community Seminar Fall
Women’s Studies and Programs
WS 397 Group Study Fall
Student Affairs
IU 170 A Call to Lead I: Theories and Skills Fall
IU 171 A Call to Lead II: Social Change Model Spring
IU 271 Leadership Styles II: Prominent Leaders Spring
IU 471 Effective Leadership II: Vision and Change Spring