Working Group: Students with Children


The Students with Children working group was formed in 2007 to respond to a problem that has long faced students at CSU. Roughly 11 percent of CSU students are parents, and we are all familiar with the special challenges faced by these students–locating good childcare, finding space to study and write, and balancing academics and family/home demands, among many others.

The goal of this working group was to explore how we might respond to the needs of these students and their families.

This working group filed a Childcare Proposal in 2010. Those recommendations subsquently contributed to the planning of a new childcare facility on campus, which began construction in 2011.

Coordinators: Lisa Langstraat and Jan Rastall

Members: Janelle Adsit, Lilly Berger,Sandra Chapman, Debora Colbert, Jody Donovan,Cindy Griffin, Kari Jansen, Sari Keilman, Chris Linder, David McKelfresh, Meg Steinweg, Katharine Wormus