Working Group: Teaching for Social Justice - Navigating Self, Curriculum, and Student Resistance


During the 2010-2011 academic year, this group examined the dynamics of teaching for social justice, including a critical examination of how we navigate our own identities as well as classroom content that often creates both connection and dissonance for some students.

Student resistance to social justice content focused on power, oppression, and privilege as well as the instructors themselves was be a focal point of discussion and faculty engagement for the group. Discussions were conducted with the expectation that best practices for teaching social justice content would emerge from a diverse group of instructors who care about self and societal transformation.

Coordinators: Edward J. Brantmeier and Noorjehan Kelsey Brantmeier

Members: Christine Aguilar, Sharon Anderson, Antonette Aragon, Richard Breaux, Roe Bubar. Karina Lissette Cespedes, Emily Karen Dakin, Faye Deer, Louise Jennings, Rosemary Kreston, Chris Linder, Deborah Lombard, Kyle Pape, Malcolm E Scott, and Norberto Valdez