Peer University Centers and Institutes

Arizona State University
Center for Learning & Teaching Excellence

Description: Arizona State University provides a variety of trainings, professional development programs and support for faculty, academic professionals and departments throughout the university; focusing primarily on the manner in which teachers promote and foster learning.

Brown University
The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

Description: Brown University strives to improve the quality of teaching at the Sheridan Center by offering a broad range of programs and lectures that address "interdisciplinary pedogogical issues."

Cornell University
Center for Learning and Teaching

Description: The Center at Cornell University supports "a variety of programs and resources designed to promote student learning and improve instruction."

Stanford University
Center for Teaching and Learning

Description: The purpose of the center "is to promote excellence in teaching at all ranks and excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom." Its goal is "to see teaching equally valued with research as a professional commitment of faculty and teaching assistants and to provide the training and resources to make excellent teaching possible." Web resources include a teaching newsletter and handouts on teaching issues for faculty and TAs in PDF and HTML formats.

University of California Berkeley
The Office of Educational Development (OED)

Description: "The Office of Educational Development (OED) supports, enhances, and publicizes the teaching efforts of faculty at Berkeley. Its services include individual consultation with faculty on all aspects of their teaching, classroom observation and videotaping, and awards and grants."

University of Chicago
The Center for Teaching and Learning

Description: The Center provides support "primarily through workshops, seminars, and conferences."

University of Michigan
The CRLT Players Theatre Program Contact: Jeffrey Steiger/Theatre Program Director at or 764.615.8309.

Description: The CRLT Players Theatre Program develops and performs theatrical sketches that spawn Faculty/Grad. discussions related to multicultural teaching, learning and institutional climate. They are a nationally recognized touring troupe and can be booked by contacting the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) at the University of Michigan.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Center for Teaching and Learning

Description: The Center for Teaching and Learning "supports teaching and learning at all levels in which instruction occurs in the university." The Center serves as an advocate "for academic initiatives, as these enterprises enhance teaching and learning."