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Compiled by Naomi Lederer, CSU librarian/Professor, This digital library provides annotations for books, articles, and Web sites that address teaching, publishing, and professional development.

Topics are arranged by broad subject categories; subcategories contain the listings of sources. Selected subcategories include a section on searching for additional items. Links to CSU library catalog records or full-text documents are provided when available. To view sources, click on the folders below.

Teaching Methods

Active Learning

Critical Thinking

Foreign Students

Foreign Teachers Teaching in the US

Group Learning/Collaborative Learning


Large Classes

Leading Discussions

Learner Centered

Learning Disabilities


Problem Based Learning

Questions: Responding to Students

Student Interest/Motivation

Students with Disabilities

Teaching Strategies

Team Teaching



Teaching in Disciplines

Course Development and Design

Course Evaluation

Computer Assisted Learning

Distance Learning

Service Learning

Working with GTAs

Faculty Professional Development


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