Conducting Mid-Semester Feedback

Overview: Getting Student Feedback is Worth the Time

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What Are Your Questions?

  • Would you appreciate some student feedback on your course(es) before the end of the semester?
  • Would you like to improve your students' experience in your class?
  • Would you like some feedback that goes only to you and is neither used as evaluation nor placed in your personnel file?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then mid-semester feedback is an opportunity for you and your students to improve and adapt a course to student and instructor needs while the course is in progress. The mid-semester feedback process outlined on these pages is based on the work of Professor Bill Timpson, who has long championed mid-semester feedback at Colorado State University.

Why Conduct a Mid-Semester Student Feedback Session?

Mid-semester feedback sessions allow you to solicit feedback from students early enough in a semester so that there is time to address concerns and make reasonable changes. The process is designed to be constructive and to promote self-reflection and personal responsibility as students join with you in exploring possible improvements. To learn more about the process, view the video on this page or follow the links in the box above.