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Welcome to TILT's Journal Listings. These listings include journals that are available online and/or in print. Whenever possible, a link has been provided to a Web site associated with a journal. The majority of the descriptions provided through this site are based on information found in individual journals or on their associated Web sites. If you find any of our descriptions inaccurate, please contact us.




Inorganic Chemistry   Info

This journal contains studies in inorganic chemistry. Per the journal's web site, the publication emphasis is " on the synthesis, structure, thermodynamics, reactivity, spectroscopy, and bonding properties of significant new and known compounds." Complete articles are accessible at the above link via the journal Home Page.   

Journal of the American Chemical Society   Info

Per the journal Web site, The Journal of the American Chemical Society is "The premier, state-of-the-art venue for the publication and broad dissemination of first-rate, fundamental research in all of chemistry, both in the core areas and at the interface of chemistry and biology, neurochemistry, materials, and single molecule chemistry." Current, recent, and past articles are accessible via the Web site.   

The Chemical Educator   Info

"The Chemical Educator is a peer-reviewed journal serving the needs of all chemical education professionals at an affordable cost. The Chemical Educator is a working journal, a reference to current topics, experiments, and teaching methodology. Its publication on the World-Wide Web allows for quick dissemination of material, timely information on current topics, and immediate access to supporting material. Full search capabilities for all issues are provided online. Video clips of demonstrations and laboratories, animation, and full-color graphics are available to enhance the clarity and usefulness of articles. The classroom and laboratory materials needed for implementation, including detailed instructions, actual student handouts, student data, computer files, and safety and disposal instructions, are available on-line at the time of publication. Featured tutorial articles on modern instrumentation, techniques, and theory provide educators access to the most current information in a format immediately usable in their classrooms and laboratories. These articles provide an instant resource for the inclusion of topics and techniques that are too current to appear in standard textbooks. Because of the expanding interest in chemical education research, The Chemical Educator also aims to provide quality articles in the expanding field of chemical education research. Studies published in this area provide concrete evidence and conclusions about techniques that improve teaching effectiveness."   

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