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Welcome to TILT's Journal Listings. These listings include journals that are available online and/or in print. Whenever possible, a link has been provided to a Web site associated with a journal. The majority of the descriptions provided through this site are based on information found in individual journals or on their associated Web sites. If you find any of our descriptions inaccurate, please contact us.




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American Sociological Review ...   Info

"American Sociological Association (ASA). The ASA founded this journal in 1936 (volume 1) with the mission to publish original works of interest to the sociology discipline in general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance our understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations. All areas of sociology are welcome in the American Sociological Review. Emphasis is on exceptional quality and general interest. The ASA publishes the American Sociological Review bimonthly (February, April, June, August, October, December). The American Sociological Review does not publish book reviews." Selected articles are available on the homepage of this journal.   

City and Community ...   Info

The homepage of this journal states: "Mission Statement City & Community, published by the ASA Section on Community and Urban Sociology, publishes research and theory that explore and extend the sociological aspects of all kinds of places, but especially the metropolis. Some key topics the journal explores are: community studies, immigration, rural communities, social networks, social support, suburbia, spatial studies, studies that connect specific places to general forces, urban movements, urban history, virtual communities, and studies that examine the core concepts of 'place' and 'community.'"   

Contemporary Sociology ...   Info

Contemporaty Sociology is a publication of the American Sociological Association. It is a journal of reviews and essays. Features essays can be read at this Web site.   

Teaching Sociology ...   Info

The description on the home page of the Teaching Sociology Web site states: "Mission Statement: TS publishes articles, notes, and reviews intended to be helpful to the discipline's teachers. Articles range from experimental studies of teaching and learning to broad, synthetic essays on pedagogically important issues. Notes focus on specific teaching issues or techniques. The general intent is to share theoretically stimulating and practically useful information and advice with teachers. Formats include full-length articles; notes of 10 pages or less; interviews, review essays; reviews of books, films, videos, and software; and conversations." Selected articles are available to read at on this site as well as an annotated bibliography of past issues.   

The Sociology of Education ...   Info

Mission Statement: SOE provides a forum for studies in the sociology of education and human social development. We publish research that examines how social institutions and individuals' experiences within these institutions affect educational processes and social development. Such research may span various levels of analysis, ranging from the individual to the structure of relations among social and educational institutions. In an increasingly complex society, important educational issues arise throughout the life cycle. The journal presents a balance of papers examining all stages and all types of education at the individual, institutional, and organizational levels. We invite contributions from all methodologies. Selected articles are available at this Web site.   

Trails - the Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology   Info

The American Sociological Association is setting up a peer-reviewed archive of teaching resources. "With over 2,700 peer-reviewed resources in more than 70 subject areas, TRAILS is the place to find fresh ideas for your classroom. It’s also the perfect place to publish your own teaching and learning innovations." TRAILS -- the Teaching Resources and innovations Library for Sociology Web site -- will be an archive for peer-reviewed classroom innovations, including syllabuses, class activities, individual assignments, bibliographies and Web sites -- all focused on teaching.   

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