View Dealing with Plagiarism: A Teaching Guide

By Peter Connor

Dealing with plagiarism is as much about explaining the consequences to your students, should any of them be caught, as it is with providing them both the guidance and the tools to avoid the practice—and the charge. As teaching tasks go, it's as perennial as your incoming freshman class.

So, as you prepare for the next semester, it might be useful to review the instructor-oriented Teaching Guide, Dealing with Plagiarism, located on the Writing@CSU Web site. The Table of Contents covers the following topics. We hope you find it useful.

Why Students Plagiarize and What to Do if you are Suspicious

  • Conferencing and Using Questions
  • Detective Work

Strategies for Preventing Plagiarism

  • Discussing Plagiarism
  • Establishing and Enforcing Consequences
  • Encouraging Academic Integrity
  • Modeling Proper Citation Strategies

Making Plagiarism-Proof Assignments

  • Strategies for a Writing Classroom
  • Postscripts for Writing Projects
  • Getting Students Engaged with the Research/Writing Process

Additional Links to other sites on Plagiarism

  • Help Students Understand Plagiarism
  • Help Instructors Address plagiarism and related issues
  • Sites that support, promote, and/or Profit from Plagiarism

Dealing with Plagiarism is located in the Working with Writing Assignments section of the Teaching Guides collection located on the Writing@CSU Web site, a complex online resource containing many hundreds of pages.

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