Invasion of the Infographic

By Merinda McLure

Just what is an infographic? 

"The term 'infographic' is used to describe a wide range of things, from relatively simple graphics to complex visual presentations of large amounts of data and ideas, sometimes in interactive online formats. Infographics have become commonplace in news media, research, marketing, and other venues because they can convey a complicated message or findings from a data set quickly and in a manner that reflects the trend toward visual (rather than textual) consumption of information."

This definition comes from the helpful EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's 7 Things You Should Know About Infographic Creation Tools

Keen to start creating your own infographics for teaching or training others? Claremont Colleges librarian Dani Brecher's Infographic DIY LibGuide is a great resource to reference as you get started. See especially her "Infographic Creator Comparison" tab, where she compares a good selection of available creation tools.


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Thanks to Merinda McLure -Coordinator for the Libraries, for supplying these links to some great creative teaching tools.