Recruiting and Retaining the Underrepresented

By Peter Connor

Finding scholarships and fellowships to help further the higher education aims of typically underrepresented students often plays a key role in their recruitment and retention. Thanks to the Internet, searching has become easier than ever before.

Key Word Searching

A few appropriate keyword phrases entered in your Google search bar will get you going. For instance, look what the search for [minority college student fellowship] returned in the first page results:

Note: The top two search results are online directories containing many other related links.

Other keyword combinations will return other Internet avenues to explore. Try combining specific criteria such as academic discipline, career field and individual minority.

Here are some examples

  • [women scholarships science]
  • [american indian scholarships engineering]
  • [african-american college grants]

The links below lead to some of the top grant providing organizations in the country. Each of these provide valuable information designed to assist you in searching out funding opportunities and in applying for fellowships, grant programs, internships and other research and study opportunities.

Number one on the list is, an Internet clearing house with which to search 1000 federal grant programs administered by 26 federal grant-making agencies in charge of over 400 billion dollars.

You may want to bookmark these for further reference and to share with those students who have asked for your advice.

Grant Resources