Create a RamCT Chat Room

By Peter Connor

Like discussion forums, chat rooms have earned their pedagogical stripes as well. Another extension of the classroom, they provide an online venue in which students can meet—with or without their instructor—to carry on conversations outside of scheduled class meeting times.

Unlike discussion forums, chat rooms require real-time participation. You must be present. You must be in the room. Immediacy is the name of the game. For chat rooms to be effective, a time must be designated in advance, and announced—in your syllabus, for instance—so that your students may arrange their schedules accordingly.

Colorado State University faculty members may learn how to create RamCT accessible chat rooms using the training materials posted on RamCT Help. To access any University operated computer services, however, you must have an electronic identity. Also known as your eID, it has two components: both your eName and your ePassword.

If you are new to the University and have not already created an eID, you may create and register your eName and ePassword by entering your last name, date of birth and pre-assigned 9-digit CSUID number in the fields provided on CSU's eIdentity page.

To Access the Chat Room Training Materials on RamCT Help:

Go to the RamCT Help home page and:

  1. Locate the RamCT Resources section of the menu bar.
  2. Click on the RamCT Handouts/Tutorial option.
  3. Enter your CSU eName and ePassword and click continue.
  4. Click on the RamCT Communication Tools link.
  5. The CTSS Communications Tools PDF file will open.
  6. Scroll down to the Chat section on Page 17 and study the instructions. They're pretty straightforward.
  7. When you are ready—assuming your RamCT section teaching shell* has already been created—log in to RamCT.
  8. Under Course Tools, click Chat and follow the prompts.

*Note: Instructors may request RamCT section teaching shells after their individual college department teaching assignments have been made and entered into ARIES. For additional information, please see:

RamCT Section Information

RamCT New Section Checklist


Sally Hibbitt - Associate Director of CTSS