Frequently Asked Questions

The Teaching Effectiveness Framework (TEF) is comprised of 7 domains and the process associated with becoming a better teacher (goal setting, engaging in development, annual review, etc.). As departments use the TEF for annual review, faculty can consider choosing 1 of the 7 domains as a focus area for the year. Any professional development in that focus area can be used to earn domain experience units (DEU’s) as a part of the Teaching Effectiveness Initiative.

The Teaching Effectiveness Initiative (TEI) rewards faculty who participate in professional development related to the 7 TEF domains. The TEI encourages self-reflection that demonstrates progress towards becoming skilled teacher within a particular domain. Faculty can earn a Domain Certificate of Achievement for completing 10 DEU’s for each domain.

Consider attending CSU professional development offerings from the Institute for Learning & Teaching (TILT), Training & Development (TOD), Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIE), Adult Education & Training and others. Non-CSU professional development experiences will be considered dependent on demonstrated integration of teaching practices that align with a TEF domain. Sample experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Teaching and learning workshops and courses, discipline-based education conferences, and MTI events
  • Participating in TILT-facilitated peer observation program like the CSU Teaching Squares
  • Professional reading related to research-based teaching practices of a TEF domain
  • Designing and teaching a new course based on a TEF domain

  • Publishing on teaching-related topics aligned with a TEF domain
  • Participating in CSU Programs aligned with domains (e.g., Best Practices in Teaching, Intergroup Relations, First Four Weeks, Faculty Institute for Inclusive Excellence, Adult Education and Training, Service Learning mini-grant, etc.)
  • Serving on a teaching committee or collaborating on a CSU or disciplinary teaching-related effort

TILT started aligning professional development (PD) experiences with the TEF in May 2019. Faculty who have made changes in their teaching practices after completing a PD experience can submit a Post Implementation Reflection form for courses conducted in May 2019 or later.

Participants can take either a “depth” approach and focus on earning only one domain at a time, or choose a “breadth” approach and engage in a variety of domain experiences. There is not a time limit for earning a domain.

Upon completion of engaging and reflecting* on professional development equivalent to ten professional development units, faculty can earn a Domain Certificate of Achievement for the associated domain. Participants are encouraged to earn a Domain Certificate of Achievement for each of the seven domains.  Beyond the Domain Certificate of Achievement, faculty can earn:

  • Letter of Commendation jointly issued by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence for completing the Inclusive Pedagogy domain.
  • Letter of Commendation signed by Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for faculty finishing three domain requirements (one must be Inclusive Pedagogy).
  • Letter of Commendation signed by the Provost for faculty completing five domain requirements (one must be Inclusive Pedagogy).
  • Letter of Commendation signed by the Provost plus a small stipend or award for faculty finishing the requirements for all domains.

*The Teaching Effectiveness Initiative Committee will review the materials to ensure that they meet the criteria and issue the Domain Certificate.

Yes, faculty can complete a Post Implementation Reflection form related to the integration of research-based teaching practices as defined by the CSU Teaching Effectiveness Framework.

Yes! TEI materials can be used to fulfill annual review requirements to document teaching effectiveness effort and outcomes; they may also help prepare you to write CV SECTION 3: EVIDENCE OF TEACHING AND ADVISING EFFECTIVENESS of the Promotion and Tenure Application template.

The Post Implementation Reflection forms will be reviewed by the TEI committee using the Reflection Rubric. The reflection form should be submitted through Bridge/MyLearning.

TILT is conducting a pilot of the Bridge/MyLearning system in Fall 2021. If you have completed forms that you are ready to submit, please contact Tonya.Buchan@ColoState.Edu for more information.


Tonya Buchan

Instructional Designer, The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)