Online Proctoring for Canvas Quizzes and Exams


Instructors moving formerly in-person courses online in Spring 2020 may choose to proctor online exams by using either Respondus’ Monitor or Proctor U Auto-Launch.

Instructors already using Proctor U Live+ for CSU Online courses will continue to use Proctor U Live+.

Respondus’ Monitor and Proctor U Auto-Launch share these features:

  • Designed to be used with the Quizzes feature in Canvas.
  • Web cameras and microphones are required.
  • Students are video recorded while taking exams. Artificial intelligence functions flag potential academic integrity violations for later review by the instructor or a designee.
  • Free to students, with no advance scheduling required.

Proctoring Accommodations: Meeting Equity and Federal Requirements

  • Proctoring solutions create potential access barriers for students with disabilities who use assistive technology. Students who have testing accommodations may need to use a different proctoring solution if their accommodation is not compatible. Be flexible with your testing requirements, and provide students with the ability to communicate any barriers they experience with assistive technology.
  • Proctor U Live+ allows for assistive technology accommodations, and while there is normally a cost to use Live+, Proctor U provides free use for those students needing accommodations. (PLEASE NOTE: The need for accommodations must be stated in advance.)
  • Substitute the Honor Pledge for proctoring software if accommodations cannot be made with the software.
  • For questions about testing accommodations with proctoring software, contact Alisha Zmuda.

Respondus and Accessibility Technical Support

Respondus Monitor/Lockdown Browser Information

Things to Know

  • Used in conjunction with LockDown Browser, which prevents students from opening new browser windows or new browsers.
  • Not recommended for Accomodations other than Extended Time. Extended time should be added to the exam if the time is first extended in Canvas.
  • Assistive Technology does not work well with Lockdown Browser. If a student needs to use a text to speech software, they can work with the ATRC to learn about ReadSpeaker. ReadSpeaker is integrated into Canvas and allows for text to speech. Click here for specifics on Respondus Monitor accessibility:
  • Unlimited exam attempts, if instructor permits.
  • Can be used on Mac, PC and IPad
  • Can be used with or without an access code.
  • Allows access to specific external web domains designated by instructor.
  • Allows onscreen calculators to be used.
  • No account required.

When to Use

  • With high-stake Midterms/Finals and Quizzes

How to Use

Proctor U Live+ Information

Things to Know

  • Mostly for use with current CSU Online courses only.
  • For former Face-to-Face courses that require AT/accomodations other than extended time or restroom breaks.
  • This proctoring solution has a live person getting the student into an exam and then allows AI take over.
  • This proctoring service does allow some forms of assistive technology and screen readers.
  • To add any other type of accommodation (other than breaks, scratch paper, notes as approved by an instructor, formula sheet, etc.) let the Proctor U support team know via live web chat function or at
  • The proctor will admit the student into the exam, allowing the noted accommodations. The AI will monitor the entire session and flag anything unusual. At the end of the exam, the session is reviewed by a live person and notes are made for the instructor to review.
  • To switch from ProctorU Auto to Proctor U Live+ contact