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5 ways to Collaborate with OURA on grants and projects

Are you interested in including student engagement in one of your projects or grant proposals? Collaborate with TILT and OURA! Working with us to meaningfully include undergraduate research or community engagement means your program or activities will have a broader impact, you will get access to the full range of resources OURA has to offer (including some assessment activities), and will demonstrate a strong partnership to potential funders. Below we have listed a few ways to include student engagement in your proposal. We strongly encourage you to reach out to us to schedule a conversation about how we can best support your endeavors.   

  1. Support the TILT OURA Lab. The OURA Lab provides a paid learning opportunity for students to develop basic lab and research skills as well as building their self-confidence and sense of belonging. The OURA Lab has been designed using culturally responsive best practices, and participants report an increase in practical skills as well as science identity. Ways to support the OURA Lab include funding student stipends to participate in the lab (~$1,000 per semester), funding lab supplies (~$100 per student per semester), contributing your expertise to design new activities for the OURA Lab, or mentoring/accepting students into your lab who have “graduated” from the program. 
  2. Host a workshop to build student skills. OURA hosts several workshops (link) each semester that provide research or artistry-related professional development for students. Consider what generalizable expertise you would like to share with CSU students, whether it’s related to science communication or performing in front of a crowd! 
  3. Fund matching grants. Paid opportunities are essential for increasing equity in research and artistry, as it is not always possible for students to volunteer to get this experience. Consider supplying funds to increase the number of paid opportunities for students in research and artistry. OURA hosts matching grants and will match faculty funds from $500-$1,000 per semester.  
  4. Sponsor a CURC award. Celebrating Undergraduate Research and Artistry (CURC) is one of CSU’s primary events for showcasing student work in research and artistry. Typically, over 300 students participate every year in research, written, community engagement, and visual and performing arts categories. Awards are given in many of the categories (e.g., Excellence in Climate and Energy Solutions, and College Honors).  
  5. Create new opportunities in research and artistry. We are always looking for ways to increase student engagement in research and artistry, whether that is through courses like CUREs (course-based undergraduate research experiences), faculty-mentored experiences, or new symposia or opportunities for students to showcase their work.  
Louise Allen

Louise Allen

Director, Student Engagement


Phone: 970-491-5782