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Showcase Your Project at CSU

Undergraduate students present their research at the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity symposium.
  • Once a year (in April) all students participating in undergraduate research, service learning, and creative opportunities at Colorado State University are invited to present their work at the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC) Showcase.
  • CURC 2023 webpage
  • CURC 2024 will be held Thursday April 18; registration will open in February 2024.

The Journal of Undergraduate Research (JUR) is a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal registered with the Library of Congress that accepts submissions of any subject, from any undergraduate institution.


The Multicultural Undergraduate Research, Art and Leadership Symposium (MURALS) exists for students of color in various disciplines to explore and present a research project related to one’s passion or interest. Mentoring, presenting research, networking, and learning about multicultural leadership are four main aspects of the program.

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The Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering hosts an annual Engineering Days celebration, “E-Days.” to showcase undergraduate senior design projects.  These projects highlight the college’s course-based undergraduate research, which is part of the capstone courses in students’ degree programs.


CHHS Research Day is an annual event created to showcase the variety and quality of research and creative scholarship by students, faculty, and staff in CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.


The Venture RAMS: Business Showcase provides start-up founders with the experience and exposure to present their businesses effectively.  The founding team of each venture must be at least 50% current CSU students.

Showcase Your Project Beyond the CSU Community

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The Mountain Scholar Digital Collections of Colorado and Wyoming is an online archive of scholarly work from member institutions. Sound and video recordings as as well as print are accepted. We encourage our undergraduate students to submit their work.

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) maintains lists of journals and poster/presentation opportunities exclusive to undergraduate research and creative inquiry. CSU is an enhanced institutional members, so you can create a user account for free and browse their resources to help you find the right fit for showcasing your project.