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Why the Change?

The University Testing Center closed on 05/16/2022. As a result, the Scantron Scoring Service are no longer available.

To provide continuity for instructors and departments, the University Testing Center (UTC) will continue offering Scantron scoring and make-up exam proctoring services through the end of the Spring 2022 semester.

CSU is now an automated exam scoring software, Gradescope. Individual faculty and departments can use the Gradescope software’s bubble sheet functionality to provide features similar to Scantron.

  • Allows instructors to quickly update an exam question and regrade the exam.
  • Integrates with Canvas which allows exam grades to be pushed to your gradebook.
  • Works with cross listed courses in Canvas.
  • Allows for multiple versions of the same test syncing the scores into a single Canvas Grade Book column.

What Departments Need

What Faculty Will Do

Comments from Spring 2022 Pilot

Pilot Faculty Member
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While I had been hesitant about the 'write your student ID number' without having bubbles, my students actually cheered when I told them they just had to write their numbers not bubble them in.
Pilot Faculty Member
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Integration into Canvas was one of the easiest processes I've ever used. It was literally a click of a button.
Pilot Faculty Member
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Originally, I was thinking of using the testing center for my final exam, but now I'm pretty sure I will just use Gradescope again.
Pilot Faculty Member
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Additional Gradescope Features

While Gradescope provides automated scoring of bubble sheet exams as a replacement to Scantron, it also offers several features that differentiate it from competing products:

  • Rubric based grading of handwritten exams.
  • AI driven answer grouping of handwritten exams for one-click grading of similar answers over multiple tests.
  • Automated grading and plagiarism checking of computer coding questions.
Explore more in the videos below.


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