Some instructors require proctors for online exams. Please, refer to your syllabus and coordinate with your instructor before scheduling your exam.

If you are taking a CSU ONLINE test with a distance proctor, please fill out and submit the Proctor Identification Form.

On-Campus Proctoring Fee

A proctoring fee is charged for students enrolled in 401 sections.

NOTE: There is no proctoring fee for 801 sections.

Proctoring Fee | $5/half-hour

Additional Information

Off-Campus Testing

The recommended method of proctoring off-campus is to use ProctorTrack. No registration is required.

If your instructor has approved this service, you may access exams through your Canvas course page.

Some instructors use ProctorU, in which case you'll need to go online to register.

If you need more information or choose NOT to use ProctorTrack or ProctorU, instructor approval may be needed.

Here are some online Proctoring Resources for Students