Category: Academic Integrity

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Tools You Can Use Right Now

The very first question faculty members ask me when they learn about ChatGPT is whether or not there are any tools available that can reveal if a text was created by an AI engine. A week ago, I released this

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AI and the CSU Student Conduct Code

Some faculty have had questions about whether the CSU Student Conduct Code applies to work that was created by artificial intelligence. Below is some information Mike Katz, Director of the Student Resolution Center, and I believe will be useful. Is

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An Introduction to ChatGPT

What is it? Put simply, ChatGPT is a software engine that responds to a written prompt in a human-like manner. It creates all manner of writing: essays, press releases, sonnets, stock prospectuses, even fiction. In case you aren’t aware of

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Strategies to Manage ChatGPT

Now that you’ve had some time to learn about AI-assisted writing engines, I wanted to share some information about how to manage them in the short term. This challenge will change significantly in the long term, as the engine learns

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