Free Academic Support

Please follow the links below for virtual and, when available, in-person hours. The academic support resources listed below are available free of charge to all CSU students, whether you're attending online or face-to-face

Accounting Tutoring Lab

ACT 205, ACT 210, and ACT 220 students may utilize the Accounting Tutoring Lab for face-to-face and virtual 20-minute tutoring sessions BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Students must make an appointment online using the Accounting Tutoring Lab Calendar. Face-to-face appointments will meet a tutor outside of Rockwell 40.

ACT 205 students may access a variety of online resources in the Accounting Tutoring Lab.

Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS) Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is available for adult learners and veterans through ALVS. Email Lisa Chandler to get connected to a tutor.

Calculus Center

The mission of the Calculus Center is to improve student learning and academic performances for all students in our calculus courses. We support instruction that carefully considers student thinking and engages students as active participants in their learning process.

The Calculus Center provides help with the math content of the Calculus courses (Math 141, 155, 160, 161, 261 and 340), through Canvas discussion forums and an open Zoom meeting space. Online help hours are staffed by instructors (GTAs and Faculty) and student tutors.

All Calculus Center activities will take place online. Help hours, schedule, and meeting links are available through Canvas.

Chemistry Learning Resource Center (CLeRC)

The CLeRC has many resources available to undergraduate students that aims to improve student learning and academic performances for all students in our chemistry courses. We support both classroom and lab instruction and strive to engage students as active participants in their learning process.

All CLeRC activities will be online. Schedule and meeting links available through an open-enrollment Canvas shell

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering Tutoring

Tutoring is available to engineering students in math, physics, chemistry, and variety of engineering courses.

Computer Science Tutoring

The Help Desk hosts specific help times for CS 150, CS 163, CS 164, and CS 165. The TAs for the course manage the help desk and are available to help students with coding questions.

All CS Help Desk hours will take place online. Access it through the MS Team for your course.

Eagle Feather Tutoring

The Native American Cultural Center provides tutoring in key subject areas. It is a free service to all Colorado State University students. For the fall semester, tutoring support is provided online via Zoom. Please visit the NACC website to see instructions how to access tutors.

Mechanical Engineering Tutoring (MESA)

The Mechanical Engineering Student Ambassadors (MESA) host office hours Monday through Friday throughout the semester to provide free individual and small group tutoring for all courses in the MECH curriculum. They can also assist with other questions related to being a successful MECH student!

Precalculus Center

The Precalculus Center offers online and face-to-face help for students taking Precalculus courses (MATH 117 through MATH 126), going through the Math Placement process, or using one of the placement Tutorials. The Center also provides a proctored testing center for Math Placement or Tutorial exams and exams in Precalculus Courses.

Students can access virtual help in the Precalculus Center through Canvas. See Announcementsfor instructions.

Statistics Success Center

The Statistics Success Center is a resource for CSU students enrolled in introductory level STAT courses, regardless of their major. The SSC is staffed with Statistics instructors, graduate students, and undergraduate majors. We are dedicated to improving student success in the introductory statistics classes STAT 100, 201, 204, 301 and 307. We do not offer tutoring for any other classes.

All Statistics Success Center activities will take place online. Students can access the Center through Canvas.

TILT Tutoring

TILT facilitates tutoring in a cohort-based setting for students enrolled in select courses. Students can choose to participate in twice-a-week group tutoring sessions with the same 12-15 students. These sessions reinforce active learning and help equip students to manage their weekly coursework more effectively.

Writing Center

The CSU Writing Center provides face-to-face and online consultation for writers seeking help with traditional research papers or nontraditional digital media such as websites and blogs. The CSU Writing Center facilitates campus-based conversations about the importance and process of writing in different contexts and media.