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Course-Specific Group Tutoring

TILT Tutoring is devoted to fostering a greater understanding of biology, chemistry, math, and physics. We provide a welcoming environment and a friendly staff to answer questions, clarify and deepen understanding of key concepts, and review course material with you.

Unlike individual tutoring, TILT Tutoring provides an opportunity to participate in active learning facilitated by a trained tutor and to work closely with peers who are taking the same class as yourself.

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Program Objectives

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How It Works

Each time you use the Arts and Sciences Tutorial Hall you will be asked to register with your CSU ID.

This helps us track, assess, and improve the program's effectiveness: how many students use the service, the course and class levels that are in the greatest demand, etc.

Your personal information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Private Turoring

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Subjects Tutored

Tutoring is offered for some—but not all—of the courses considered historically difficult in the subject areas listed below:

Tutoring Schedule | Spring 2017

Fall and Spring Hours

Tutoring begins the second week of Fall and Spring Semester.

Summer Session

Tutoring is not offered during the Summer Session.

To Find a Private Tutor Over the Summer

Please visit: Tutoring@ColoState.edu

Other Closures

All University holidays, Fall Break, Spring Break, and Finals Week.

Get the Most out of Tutoring

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