Academic Honesty and Integrity

"I have not given, received, or used any unauthorized assistance"

What is Academic Integrity?

When we talk about academic integrity at CSU, we’re talking about the behavior behind how students complete academic work.

A student who has academic integrity:

  • Follows their instructor’s directions for how work in a course should be completed.
  • Chooses to do honest work even under challenging circumstances.
  • Understands that doing the right thing in a course is a character trait that must be practiced.
  • Works to understand and incorporate research ethically into their own work.
  • Encourages fellow students to complete their work honestly and ethically.

Ultimately, academic integrity is about authentically engaging with the course, the learning material, and the activities that help students learn.


Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown

Director, Academic Integrity

Academic Affairs


Phone: 970-491-2898