Student Staff Positions at TILT

What is the TILT Learning Programs Team?

The TILT Learning Programs team is comprised of four different programs: TILT Tutoring, the Learning Assistant Program, Academic Success Workshops, and Great Hall Desk Staff. Each program strives to center the student learning process and utilizes peer educators to facilitate understanding of course content and learning strategies.

Why would you be interested in working with us?

  • You have a passion for learning
  • You like working collaboratively
  • You are invested in creating inclusive learning environments where ALL students feel welcomed, valued, and affirmed
  • You want to have fun and build great relationships with other peer educators, students, faculty, and staff
  • TILT Tutoring

    TILT Tutoring is hiring tutors for the Fall 2021 Semester. Tutors assist fellow CSU students with content as well as academic skills in general. The environment is one of group tutoring. Training is provided on group tutoring skills, active learning strategies, collaborative learning strategies, and resource referral.

    You must have taken the course and received an "A" or "B" in the course to be eligible (if two courses are listed together, both must have been taken and a grade of "A" or "B" must have been received for both):

    Open Tutoring Positions

    • BC 351
    • BMS 300
    • BMS 301
    • BZ 350
    • LIFE 103
    • CHEM 113
    • CHEM 245
    • CHEM 341 | 343
    • MATH 141
    • MATH 155
    • MATH 160 | 161
    • MATH 261
    • MATH 340
    • MATH 369
    • PH 121 | 122
    • PH 141 | 142

    Primary Job Responsibilities:

    • Provide group tutoring to CSU students utilizing active and collaborative learning strategies.
    • Offer assistance to students in acquiring study skills.
    • Be aware of CSU student resources and support students in connecting with these resources.
    • Work an average of 10 hours a week.
    • Maintain professional contact with peers, all TILT Staff and CSU faculty.
    • Participate in tutor training and development sessions.

    Number of Openings (8)

    Apply Here

    Qualifications | A successful applicant will:

    • Have successfully completed the course(s) they're applying to tutor with a grade of “A” or “B” and be in good academic standing with CSU.
    • Demonstrate knowledge and passion in the subject matter.
    • Have a commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for our diverse student body.
    • Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills.
    • Be able to work well with large groups of students with competing priorities.
    • Be an effective team player and be able to collaborate with peers.
    • Be able to effectively manage their time.
    • Be able to empathize with students who may be struggling academically and/or personally.
  • Learning Assistant Program

    Learning Assistants (LAs) are undergraduate students who have previously done well in a course and are seeking to help other students strengthen their learning strategies and master course material. Informed by established learning theory, LAs are trained to use various pedagogical practices such as facilitating small group activities and discussions. Here are some further details of what the LA role entails:

    Here are some further details of what the LA role entails:

    In-Class Assistance (Practice). LAs attend the lecture of the course they are supporting each week of the semester to facilitate small-group learning activities and discussions. (3 hours/week).

    Weekly Prep Meetings (Content). LAs meet with the instructor of the course they’re supporting along with their fellow LAs each week. Together they plan and discuss the material that will be covered that week of the course as well as the active learning activities for that week. (1-2 hours/week)

    1-Credit Course (Pedagogy). LAs enroll in a mandatory one-credit course entitled Learning Assistants in Higher Education (IU 274). In this course, LAs explore and practice teaching techniques for active learning and small group facilitation. Other important topics include diversity, equity and inclusion, learning theory, and questioning strategies. (2 hours/week)

    Study Sessions or Recitations (Flexible, Practice). LAs provide peer academic support outside of class to further support their students in a deeper understanding of the course material. This is also time for LAs to review the course material and prepare for the week’s class sessions. (1-3 hours/week)

    Details including a full job description and application coming soon

  • Academic Success Workshops

    Workshop Facilitators

    TILT workshops are designed to provide a fresh perspective on students’ daily habits and sharpen specific skills needed for academic, professional and personal success. Every semester we aim to present various workshops that support students with academic skills and provide leadership development for those who are seeking continuous growth.

    Primary Job Responsibilities

    • Research, create (PowerPoints, worksheets, handouts, etc.) and facilitate Academic Success Workshops that incorporate the current research-based learning strategies.
    • Facilitate weekly workshops twice a week between the hours of 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm either on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
      • *** Facilitator only presents once a week for one hour. The second day, facilitator is supporting co-workers host their workshop and helping with technology issue, check-in students and other necessary duties. ***
    • Attend mandatory 2-hour office hours weekly and 1-hour monthly trainings.
    • Schedule 1-2 hours of weekly individual office hour to practice for workshop presentation.
    • Promote TILT Academic Success Workshops through various forms of outreach (ex: reach out to campus partners, social media)


    • ***Able to demonstrate your commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment to all students and all members of CSU community. This job will consistently challenge you to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and equity work. ***
    • Must be an undergraduate student who will graduate in May 2022 or after
    • Must have at least Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays open between the hours of 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.
      • We understand students have outside commitment and may not have all of these hours or days available. We just ask the applicant to have at least 60-70% of the time available.
    • Must be a CSU student in good standing (GPA 2.0 & above).
    • Have a 1+ year experience of presenting/facilitating to an audience of 10+ or mentorship/coaching to a peer group.
      • EX: teaching assistants, academic/sport coach, peer mentor, resident assistants, orientation leader, etc.
    • Promote TILT Academic Success Workshops through various forms of outreach (ex: reach out to campus partners, social media)
    • Able to present an in-person and virtual workshop.
    • Must be willing to learn and grow as a facilitator and study skills researcher.
    • Have a passion to teach students how to become successful, independent and life-long learners.
    • Uphold TILT mission to support students, enhance learning and strengthen student success.
    • Ability to maintain high professionalism when working with all members of the CSU community.

    **We are happy to accommodate accessibility for any facilitator.**

    Ideal Skills and Abilities:

    • Able to teach and facilitate for an audience.
    • Have a passion to serve as a role model and to mentor a peer group.
    • Ability to collaborate with fellow workshop facilitators, Learning Program Coordinator and CSU employees in the development of workshop curriculum.
    • Team player: willing to provide support for the Academic Workshop Team and facilitate any workshop that needs coverage, including scheduled workshop and requested workshops that have been submitted by instructors or CSU Student Organizations
    • Take the initiative to incorporate facilitation techniques and creative ideas that are discussed during office hours and monthly trainings.
    • Open-minded to receive feedback and always improve as a facilitator and public speaker.
    • Willing to learn CSU campus resources and be comfortable presenting on them as needed.
    • Provide exceptional customer service skills, humor and creativity.

    **Application Coming Soon! **

  • Great Hall Desk Staff

    Job Description:

    • Develop an advanced understanding of TILT programs and resources we provide for students and faculties
    • Serve as a role model that represents a positive example of TILT and the mission we stand for
    • Take initiative to ensure students and professional staff are checked-in to their designated course, have materials they need at each desk, and assist any guest who's seeking support.
    • Arrive on time for all scheduled shifts and training times
    • Perform task given by the supervisor, Desk Staff Lead, or other TILT professional staff efficiently and on time
    • Set up a weekly meeting with Desk Staff Lead Coordinator to discuss assigned team project updates
    • Team project: create illustrator/adobe documents, check webpage is working properly, and fix document to be accessible
    • Other duties as assigned.

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Uphold a high level of professionalism and customer service skills while helping students, faculty, professional staff, guests, and fellow teammates.
    • Check-in students and professional staff to their designated course and assist any guest who's seeking support or have resource question
    • Clean tables, whiteboards, spray bottles, frequently used items to keep up with health and safety regulation during COVID
    • Commit to ensuring our space is an inclusive and welcoming environment
    • Must have a work-study award

    Ideal Skills and Abilities:

    • Familiarity with Adobe InDesign program
    • Desire to learn how to create an accessible document and able to fix existing documents
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to solve problems on your own
    • Be able to empathize with students and guest who may be struggling academically and personally

    **Application Coming Soon! **