Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive pedagogy is a student-centered teaching approach that considers all students’ backgrounds, experiences, and learning variabilities in the planning and implementation of student engagement activities, equitable access to content, mutual respect, and a more robust learning experience for all learners.

Instructor with students in an active classroom


Initially, inclusivity begins with each of us. What steps can we take to create a welcoming, respectful learning environment?

Curriculum Design

Intentionally represent contributions of those in your field who represent the broader diversity of members within society.

Pedagogical Practices

Inclusivity in your pedagogy is grounded in culturally responsive teaching. It honors and respects all individuals recognizing all can learn from each other.

Principles of Community

The Principles of Community have been established at CSU to generate and support community within and across our campus. Each classroom develops its own community.

Research and Resources

Inclusive pedagogy is grounded in Inclusive Excellence, the intentional work of transforming oppressive systems and structures in higher education teaching and learning.