Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Pedagogical content knowledge combines content and pedagogical expertise within a content area in order to employ appropriate instructional strategies that successfully address the most common misconceptions of students; the most difficult concepts for students; the most effective sequencing of concepts; important relevant connections; and the most crucial knowledge and skills students should master by the end of a course.

Female in white lab coat examining beaker contents

Knowledge of

Your knowledge and beliefs about the purposes and goals for teaching in your content area form the backbone for your orientation to teaching the content.

Knowledge of
Instructional Strategies

Peer-reviewed research has identified the teaching best practices and assessment best practices that support student success.

Knowledge of Students

Teaching requires a solid knowledge of the learners in front of you. What motivates them? Where do they struggle?

Research and Resources

Exploring research that has increased understanding of how instructors problem solve and make decisions.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge Teaching Tips