Classroom Climate

Classroom climate refers to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical environment in which students learn. It is the responsibility of the instructor to intentionally create a safe space to foster a community of engaged learners.

Learning assistant helping a student

Sense of Belonging

Help students find skills and language to be inclusive while still maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Instructor-Student Rapport

Establish an appropriate communicative and educational environment with your students.

Student-Student Rapport

We are constantly scanning our environment for cues that tell us if we are connected to others around us.

Research and Resources

Peer-reviewed research on the classroom environment that college students’ sense of belonging

Classroom Climate Teaching Tips

Leading Class Discussions

Class discussions provide a framework for students to think critically—out loud—about topics being covered in class. They also provide an opportunity to gauge how well your students are comprehending course concepts, assignments, and outside readings.

Properly facilitated, classroom discussions foster a sense of academic community, one in which students may openly share their thoughts and ideas as well as express, defend and explore differing opinions.

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