CSU Academic Integrity Program

TILT's Academic Integrity Program contributes to the ongoing University-wide effort to cultivate a culture of academic integrity.

Dr. Elaine Green, the director of the program, works closely with faculty, staff, organizations and partners campus-wide on a variety of projects related to academic integrity.

Our goals are:

To create professional development activities that will increase instructor-understanding of issues related to academic integrity.

To disseminate educational and informational strategies focused on preventing academic misconduct.

To assist faculty and student understanding of procedures when suspected incidents occur.

To conduct assessments of campus behaviors, information, and attitudes about academic integrity.

To encourage and facilitate visible manifestations of the university's culture of academic integrity, including the development and implementation of a student honor pledge.

Our campus partners include:

Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services (CRSCS)

Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU)