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2022-23 CURC

Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity

CURC 2023 will be held on Thursday April 20, 2023.  While this event is in the planning stages, we anticipate it to be a hybrid event similar to 2022.  The quick links below are from CURC 2022.

Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC)

About CURC

Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity is an annual event held in April that showcases the creativity and scholarship of undergraduate students across various disciplines. The showcase culminates in a closing ceremony that recognizes all participants and honors award winners from events throughout the year.


CSU’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was responsible for the first formal research symposium on campus. Over time, that event grew into a college-wide event for students in the College of Natural Sciences (CNS).

Around 1989-1990, the Office of the Provost began working with CNS to facilitate the expansion of their annual research poster session into the university-wide event that we know today as the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase. With the inclusion of all disciplines represented at CSU, CURC showcases much more that traditional research. Audiences attend CURC as much for the writing, artwork, music, and design projects as they do to observe the research presentations.

From a handful of students presenting their research from a single department decades ago, to over 500 students presenting their research from across the university today, CURC continues to be an evolving event that captures the spirit, creativity and scholarship of undergraduate students at CSU.

Award Sponsors

CURC is generously supported by CSU’s Office of the Vice President for Research and The Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry.

Each year various CSU units, institutes, and colleges sponsor student awards to recognize creative and scholarly excellence presented at CURC.

Steering Committee

The CURC Steering Committee is composed of faculty representatives from each college at CSU. The goal of the committee is to ensure CURC is accessible and supportive of all creative and scholarly efforts of CSU undergraduates. If your college is not currently represented and you would like to be involved in next year’s planning, please reach out to OURA’s director.

  • CLA: Ellie Light
  • WCNR: Chris Myrick
  • WSCOE: Christie Peebles
  • CNS: Nancy Levinger
  • CHHS: Matt Hickey
  • COB: Ken Manning
  • CVMBS: Alan Schenkel
  • CAS: Thomas Borch
  • OURA: Louise Allen, Courtney Ngai, Heidi Klem

Presentation Categories and Submission Guidelines:

Research Poster and Service Learning Poster Categories

Students will create a poster in virtual and print format.  They will include a 3-minute video narration of their work with their virtual submission.  Students must also print and hang their posters in the LSC on April 21st (no later than 9:30am).  Students will be assigned to one of two poster time sessions (9:30–10:45am or 11:00am–12:15pm) and must be present at their poster during the entirety of their time slot to speak with attendees about their work.

See:  Complete instructions for poster submissions.

Visual Art Category

Students will present visual artwork (either as a ~1 minute video or PDF collage of images) via the Symposium platform. Students will also upload a 3-minute artist talk.  For the in-person event, please contact OURA staff (email as early as possible to ensure we are prepared to properly display your work (no later than April 14th). Use the “Performing or Visual Art Submissions (Video + Video)” on the submission form.  Artwork can be in any medium. 

See:  Complete instructions for visual art submissions.

Oral Presentation Category

Students will give oral presentations in live and in virtual formats.  The live presentation will last 10-minutes and be followed by a 5-minute Q&A. For the virtual presentation students can create their presentation in either Keynote or PowerPoint.  They also need to submit their abstract and a PDF image of the title slide and a 3-minute video narration of their work. The in-person oral presentation will also be broadcasted live to Symposium, so anyone can watch your presentation in real time. Students must also send the final presentation to by 12:00pm on April 20th.

See:  Complete instructions for oral presentation submissions.

Written Work Category

Students can submit a completed original work of up to 25 pages in any genre including but not limited to: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and scholarly writing. Completed written work needs to be uploaded to the Symposium platform by April 4th.  They will also upload a PDF summary of their work and a 3-minute video narration of their work.  The work will then be sent to judges and will not be displayed via this platform.

See:  Complete instructions for written work submissions.

Performing Art Category (New!)

Students will first record a (<15 minute) performance and share it via the Symposium platform. Students will also upload a 3-minute artist talk.  OURA, with help from faculty judges, will select a list of top submissions and those students will perform during the in-person event. Performances can be in any discipline. Shorter submissions are appreciated.

See:  Complete instructions for performing art submissions.

image of the celebrate undergraduate research and artistry event at the Lory Student Center