Including the CSU Honor Pledge in Your Syllabi

We Take Academic Integrity Seriously

At minimum, academic integrity means that no one will use another's work as their own. The CSU writing center defines plagiarism this way:

"Plagiarism is the unauthorized or unacknowledged use of another person's academic or scholarly work. Done on purpose, it is cheating. Done accidentally, it is no less serious. Regardless of how it occurs, plagiarism is a theft of intellectual property and a violation of an ironclad rule demanding 'credit be given where credit is due.'"

Source: (Writing@CSU Guide: Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism. Accessed, January 15, 2009)

Losing Credit for Plagiarism

If you plagiarize in your work you could lose credit for the plagiarized work, fail the assignment, or fail the course. Plagiarism could result in expulsion from the university. Each instance of plagiarism, classroom cheating, and other types of academic dishonesty will be addressed according to the principles published in the CSU General Catalog.

See CSU General Catalog: Academic Integrity/Misconduct).

What Academic Integrity Means

Of course, academic integrity means more than just avoiding plagiarism. It also involves doing your own reading and studying. It includes regular class attendance, careful consideration of all class materials, and engagement with the class and your fellow students.

Academic integrity lies at the core of our common goal: to create an intellectually honest and rigorous community. Because academic integrity, and the personal and social integrity of which academic integrity is an integral part, is so central to our mission as students, teachers, scholars, and citizens, we will ask you to sign the CSU Honor Pledge as part of completing all of our major assignments.

While you will not be required to sign the honor pledge, we will ask each of you to write and sign the following statement on your papers and exams:

"I have not given, received, or used any unauthorized assistance."

Greg Dickinson, Director of Graduate Studies; Professor, Dept. of Communication Studies

(Dr. Dickinson gives permission for other CSU instructors to use parts or all of this statement in their own syllabi.)

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