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The Teaching Effective Initiative (TEI) is a voluntary professional development program that provides recognition to instructors invested in growing their teaching practice. The TEI Program provides a structure to engage in developing teaching effectiveness through implementation, self-reflection, and growth, grounded in the evidence-based teaching practices of the CSU Teaching Effectiveness Framework (TEF). Participants can earn a Certificate of Achievement in each of the seven domains of the TEF upon completion of professional development experiences,  integration and completion of a reflection equivalent to ten domain experience units (DEUs) as outlined in Domain Experience Units (DEUs) Equivalents by Professional Development Experience. Instructors can take either a “depth” approach and focus on earning only one domain at a time, or choose a “breadth” approach and engage in a variety of domain experiences. At this time, we are not able to offer the TEI for graduate teaching assistants or graduate students; we encourage all graduate students at CSU to participate in the Graduate Teaching Certificate program.

Getting Started in the Teaching Effectiveness Initiative

Step 1

Attend a professional development experience. For ideas, review the TEI Pre-Approved Professional Development list and sample experiences to earn a TEI domain certificate of achievement list.

Step 2

Implement new (or revise existing research-based teaching practices) in the classroom based on professional development experiences related to a TEF domain.

Step 3

Complete the Post Implementation Reflection Form to describe and reflect on specific research-based teaching practices.

Step 4

Log into Bridge/My Learning to submit your reflection for approval. Post Implementation Reflection Forms will be reviewed semi-annually by the TEI committee using the Reflection Rubric.
Video: How to submit a TEI Reflection Form [2:25]

TEI 2023 Domain Certificate Recipients Group Photo

TEI 2023 Domain Certificate Recipients

Why Participate in TEI?

Instructors can earn a Certificate of Achievement for each domain of the CSU Teaching Effectiveness Framework (TEF) by implementing and reflecting on teaching practices learned at the professional development experience. Additionally, the TEI may prepare you to write your annual review documentation or CV SECTION 3: EVIDENCE OF TEACHING AND ADVISING EFFECTIVENESS of the Promotion and Tenure Application template.

Teaching Effectiveness Framework Achievement Certificates








Individual TILT Certificates of Achievement

Participants earning the Inclusive Pedagogy Domain will receive a Letter of Commendation signed by the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

Level 1

Participants earning three Teaching Effectiveness Framework Domains (must include Inclusive Pedagogy):

Letter of Commendation from the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Level 2

Participants earning five Teaching Effectiveness Framework Domains:

Letter of Commendation from the Provost

Level 3

Participants earning all seven Teaching Effectiveness Framework Domains:

Letter of Commendation from the Provost plus small stipend and/or award

The Teaching Effectiveness Initiative at TILT

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