Instructional Design and Development Staff

The Instructional Designers of TILT Instructional Design and Development unit work with CSU faculty on course redesigns and enhancements. In addition, this diverse team works with departments on curriculum redesigns, as well as manage and participate in a variety of grants and projects whose goals are to promote faculty and student success.

Tonya Buchan

Position: Instructional Designer II

Voice: (970) 491-2966
Email: Tonya Buchan

Tonya Buchan is an Instructional Designer with The Institute for Learning and Teaching at Colorado State University where she consults with faculty on curriculum and course development for face-to-face and blended courses. She is the Program Manager for the APLU Adaptive Courseware grant and collaborates with faculty to incorporate adaptive platforms and high impact practices. Tonya has over seventeen years experience in higher education in a variety of roles including online instructor, instructional technology consultant and instructional designer. Tonya's interests include faculty development, online course design, educational technology, adaptive platforms and active learning.

Karen Falkenberg

Position: Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Voice: (970) 491-3303
Email: Karen Falkenberg

Karen Falkenberg is an Instructional Designer with the Institute for Learning and Teaching at Colorado State University where she consults with faculty on a wide range of pedagogical and curricular enhancements and supports individuals' and groups' work on culture, diversity and group process skills. She has over 37 years of experience in STEM and education beginning with her work as a research chemical engineer. Her education research has focused on educators' creativity and innovation and on students' self-efficacy and cultural competencies. Karen has numerous accomplishments that include a patent for solar cell technology and acting as a contributing author to the National Academy of Engineering's publication Technically Speaking: Why all Americans need to know more about technology (2002). She was the Undergraduate Education Director for the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience in Atlanta and acted as a consultant to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to infuse STEM into the traditional Buddhist curriculum; Karen has taught over 1000 practicing and pre-service teachers, and has individually coached or mentored over 125 emerging leaders.

Chris Geanious

Position: Instructional Designer II

Voice: (970) 491-3310
Email: Chris Geanious

Chris Geanious Chris Geanious has worked with TILT as an Instructional Designer since January 2012. Most of this time has been spent working with faculty redesigning or enhancing face-to-face courses. In addition to this work, Chris is involved with the integration of 3D printing technologies into courses as well as in the development and integration of mobile apps for academic use. Chris has been supporting faculty in higher education for over 20 years. His MEd course work was focused in Curriculum and Instruction and he also worked on a NSF funded project involving developing Environmental Science curriculum in a simulation environment. Chris's areas of expertise include instructional design, multi-media production, advanced instructional technology, online learning and active learning strategies.

Stan Kruse

Position: Learning Technology and Analytics Program Manager

Voice: (970) 491-6099
Email: Stan Kruse

Stan Kruse joined Colorado State as an Instructional Designer in September 2014. In addition to course design for face-to-face course, he has worked on a variety of projects including Ximera, Unizin Engage, and the APLU adaptive courseware grant. He also serves on the Classroom Review Board. Prior to CSU, he was at Purdue University working with faculty to leverage active learning strategies to redesign courses through the IMPACT program. Stan received his Ed.S. in Educational Technology and his M.A.T in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas. He has worked in Higher Education for 17 years in instructional design, information technology, learning management systems, and project management while also teaching a variety of courses in Mathematics, Statistics, and Education.

Jennifer Todd

Position: Instructional Designer II

Voice: (970) 491-2975
Email: Jennifer Todd

Jennifer Todd is dedicated to student engagement and learning, and has been an Instructional Designer at TILT since Janurary 2017. She spent the first 20 years of her instructional experience in the classroom with students - and out of the classroom training teachers in best instructional practices. She is passionate about students taking responsibility for their learning, and the ways in which, we, as instructors can promote and encourage such a classroom culture. Her expertise lies in learning to write and writing to learn in all subject areas - as well as supporting students in reading and making sense of difficult text. Prior to CSU, Jennifer taught at an Expeditionary Learning School and was part of a team that opened a nationally acclaimed arts high school in Santa Ana, California.

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