Alternative Grading Practices Community of Practice (CoP)

What is a Community of Practice?  

A community of practice (CoP) are groups whose members “share a passion for something they know how to do and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better” (Wenger, 2006). Depending on the interests of members they may host presentations from various CSU departments, share ideas and problem-solve together, host guest speakers, collaborate on projects, or hold social/networking events. A CoP allows people to share knowledge, expertise, scholarship, ideas, and suggestions, both face-to-face and electronically.  

Why Join?

Have you ever wished you could connect with others on campus who are doing work similar to yours? Do you have an idea or approach that you’d love to pass on to those who work in your field? Communities of practice are a great way to share with and learn from others on the CSU campus and beyond. You will share ideas and suggestions, both face-to-face and electronically, about teaching and learning topics.

2023 Community of Practice: Alternative Grading Practices

Purpose: Explore and share different types of assessments and how to make grading practices more equitable. Topics will include student-generated rubrics, mastery grading, standards-based grading, and more as defined by the CoP. 

Vision: Increase student motivation and learning at CSU through equitable assessment. 

Mission: Build and strengthen community and teaching skills by sharing resources, stories, knowledge, and experience to promote equitable grading at CSU. 

Upcoming Meetings

Date: April 19, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Community of Practice Meeting

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