Teaching Tips

socrates statue
Instructional Strategies

The Socratic Method: Fostering Critical Thinking

“Do not take what I say as if I were merely playing, for you see the subject of our discussion—and on what subject should even a man of slight intelligence be more serious?—namely, what kind of life should one live . . .” – Socrates

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student studies with computer in the library
Curriculum/Curricular Alignment

Using Student Evaluations Effectively

Student evaluations of instructors have come under significant scrutiny because of their tendency to promote unconscious biases. Unfortunately, evaluations might often tell you more about how popular you are (or how well you fit into normative identity categories) than how effective of a teacher you are.

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student preparing for Calculus test
Feedback and Assessment

Preparing Your Students for Final Exams

Final Exams are stressful to make, to give, to take, and to grade—not to mention, a critical element in the evaluation of students. Typically comprehensive, they carry more weight than mid-terms and other tests given throughout they semester, and provide that “final” opportunity for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

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Students working individually and in groups to finalize projects
Inclusive Pedagogy

Five Simple Tips for Improving Group Projects

When students do not work together equally within the group. This imbalance in the group workload can lead to aggravation and resistance to the project from students, and a poor outcome overall. To combat this challenge, Huang presents five tips that focus on a different aspect of group work to both improve group dynamics and produce positive results.

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