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Important Teaching Portfolio Information

In the past, Teaching Portfolios were built using an online tool provided by the TILT Professional Development Program and hosted on the TILT website. Unfortunately, that tool has been discontinued. Your Teaching Portfolio must now be submitted in PDF format and emailed to Debora Colbert

A Sample PDF Portfolio has been graciously provided by doctoral candidate, Amy D. Smith

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Those students currently enrolled in the program may address their questions and concerns to either Debora Colbert or Hailey Otis.

NOTE: Teaching Portfolios previously accepted and published online are not currently viewable. We are hopefull that they will be viewable by April 1. Going forward, new Teaching Portfolios will not be hosted online.

Contact Info

Photo of Debora Colbert

Debora Colbert
Director, Professional Development

TILT, Rm 145
Email Phone: 970.491.2645
Photo of Hailey Otis

Hailey Otis

TILT Rm, 140
Email Phone: 9704912645

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